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broomstick league cover

Broomstick League Is Out Now – Early Impressions

Broomstick League has released into Early Access and if you have ever wanted to play Quidditch, it is about as close as you're going to get. Blue Isle Studios...

Everything You Need to Know About Resident Evil 3 Remake

Just enough time has passed for us to have finally gotten over our cold sweat nightmares from surviving the horrors of the zombie-ridden Raccoon City in the Res...

Backwards Compatibility Better Be a Feature on PS5 or I’ll Riot

Backwards Compatibility Y'all remember the first PS3s? That bad boy had backwards compatibility out the wazoo. I could play PS2 games and the original Playstat...
playstation exclusives

PlayStation Exclusives On PC, Possible or Not?

This week in the gaming media marked a significant change in the PC Master Race vs. Console War. Guerrilla Games, the folks behind the Killzone series, made a b...
game developers

Game Developers Band Together to Help Charities in Need

With a meteoric rise in recent years, the gaming industry has found itself making quite a lot of money. It’s basically impossible to track each of those revenue...
playstation all-stars battle royale

Should Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Make a Comeback?

Should PlayStation Bring Back All-Stars Battle Royale? The imminent release of the PlayStation 5 in the foreseeable future has caused speculation on what poten...
the last of us part 2

The Last of Us Part 2 Release Date Was Finally Announced

State of Play came and went, with an abundance of interesting games announced. We saw a sneak peek of the demo of the newest mascot remaster, Medievil, as well ...
retro console

Do We Need More Retro Console Classics?

The majority of the gaming public is mostly comprised of season veterans, who have been playing since the birth of the first consoles. Ask anybody older than th...

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