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Gears Pop! Developer Mediatonic Announces New UK Based Studio

On Monday, one of the Gears POP! developers, Mediatonic, announced plans for a new UK-based studio in Leamington Spa. Mediatonic are one of the UK's largest ind...

Everything We Know About Disney’s The Mandalorian

It's not very often you see a side character get as much love and devotion as Star Wars' Boba Fett. The mysterious bounty hunter made his debut in the Empire St...
red dead redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 Announced for PC

It's hard to deny that 2018 had one of the best western and open-world games of this generation. Red Dead Redemption way back in 2010 redefined western games an...
medal of honor

A New Medal of Honor Game Was Announced

It's always polarizing, yet intriguing when a beloved franchise gets revived from the dead. A good comeback can introduce newer generations to a well-establishe...

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