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Knight Squad – An Indie Gem+Chainsawesome Games Q&A

I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't heard of the game Knight Squad before. It's quite an obscure game I guess. Having only been released digitally on Xbox On...
coffee talk

Coffee Talk: A Talk Over Coffee

A Coffee Talk Coffee Shop Want to know a little fun fact about me? I've always wanted to be a psychiatrist. Well, I may not be willing to go to school for 8 ye...

Harvest Town Review: Horrible or Honorable Mention?

Harvest Town Over the past few days, I've been playing the beta version of the new mobile game Harvest Town from QY Games. It's currently in early access, so i...
nothing to say

Nothing to Say Has Something to Say

Nothing to Say Nothing to Say isn't just the result of an awkward conversation, it's also the name of an HTML indie game on itch.io. The game is essentially a ...
cube world

Cube World Returns After Seven Years Along With Funck

What's Cube World? Cube World! This indie gem is soon to get an official release! Cube World was originally released back in 2013 as an Early Access title by W...

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