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joker review

Joker Review: Loathing and Sympathy for the Devil

Few recent movies have managed to provoke so many adverse reactions as the latest Todd Phillips’ take on the infamous Gotham villain. We can already count it am...
green lantern

Is It A Perfect Time To Make A New Green Lantern Movie?

The current state of the DC Cinematic Universe is, to put it frankly, a horror show. While movies like Aquaman and Shazam did manage to earn a good profit for t...

Arrowverse Takes On Crisis on Infinite Earths

UPDATE: Since previously writing about the sixth Arrowverse Crossover, loads and loads of casting decisions have been announced. Not one to let readers be the ...

The Maxx, An Underrated Comic Book Classic

The '90s saw a drastic change in the comic book industry. Gone were the days of campy superheroes and damsels in distress, and instead a new darker tone was int...

7 of Gotham City’s Most Wanted Villains

There are a slew of bad people in the fictional city of Gotham, from thugs and enforcers to the supervillains themselves. But one thing is so debatable that it ...

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