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Co-Founder, Chief Editor

I'm a classic jack-of-all-trades author who loves to write about most topics, though gaming has always been my strong suit. That said, I definitely won't turn down the chance to cover some juicy news involving superhero movies, Stephen King novels or space travel. Or robots. Or space-traveling superhero robots that look like Stephen King.

Author, Goose

The Ultimate Agent of Chaos. Honks at every type of media. The Unhinged Goose

Author, Speedster

My name is Jon Schmitt and I am a writer through and through. Though I've spent my whole life obsessed with various sections of Nerd-dom, the thing I like most is writing. If I'm not here on the site, you will probably find me nose-deep in a book, playing games, or reading comics... and always with a cup of tea.


I'm Nathan, you'll likely find me engrossed in whatever video game I'm currently playing. I will play pretty much anything, but Grand Theft Auto is my favourite series. When not playing video games I may be found on the front row of a rock show. Other interests include things with wheels that go fast, history and Jaffa Cakes.


Writing articles for Fiction Talk allows me to combine two of my biggest passions - gaming and creativity. Besides covering all things gaming, I also enjoy writing about movies and television as well as longer thought pieces. Outside of journalism I enjoy creating my film podcast, ‘Cine It To Win It!’ with one of my closest friends and playing guitar.


If leisure is the mother of philosophy then I consider literature, film, and games as providers of lessons as worthy as Sokrates'.

Author, Retired

Writing is my newly discovered passion. I am passionate about psychology, and non-fiction while being a literature and cinema aficionada with a sweet spot for Stephen King. I am fascinated about the intricacies of the human mind and cannot get enough of studying it.

Co-Founder, Community Manager

Writing is my passion and (with any luck) might even become my full-time job one day. Until then, I do my best to learn as much as I can about the wonderful world of novels and share my findings with our readers. I mainly concern myself with works of fiction but don't be surprised if you see me writing about a variety of other topics as well.

Author, Legend

Sounds like someone wants to get funky.

Contributor, Necromancer

A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.


I'm here to learn and to have fun. Isn't that life anyway?


Video game enthusiast and general joker. Keeping it light is what I'm about. I love to follow news and updates in my favourite form of fiction (video games) and gush about it with others!


I like scary movies and have many thoughts on things I cannot change. The website link above my name and below this text will, unfortunately, bring you to more of my thoughts on things.


Highly critical, especially when it comes to games.


Writer, Reviewer, Nerd, and Chronically-Mediocre-Video-Gamer. Favourite fictional things include Neil Gaiman, Borderlands, Dark Sci-Fi, Dystopian Fiction and Fantasy Literature.

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