One Giant Leap for Astronaut-kind…

There have been a lot of benchmark achievements in the realm of space travel. We’ve come from a species who looked up at the stars at night and wondered, to lan...

The ISS Experience Will be the First Immersive Space Documentary in VR

Living aboard the International Space Station is a unique experience that very few people will ever get to enjoy. Astronauts returning home from the ISS always...

New Virgin Galactic Space Launch Turns Pilots into Full-Blow Astronauts

Manned space travel is usually associated with NASA or other government-funded agencies but that may not be the case for much longer thanks to Virgin Galactic....

Harvard Paper Suggests Mysterious Space Object Might be of Alien Origin

One year ago a mysterious cigar-shaped object dubbed ‘Oumuamua’ raised a lot of eyebrows among astronomers and science enthusiasts alike when it was discovered ...

Becoming a Space Tourist Aboard New Shepard Will Cost You at Least $200,000...

Only a few hundred people have managed the incredible performance of going into space until now but that number is likely to grow exponentially in the next few ...

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