How Deus Ex: Human Revolution Perfectly Predicts The Future

Well, 2020 officially kickstarted a new decade and with it, speculations on what the future promises. It has only been a couple of weeks, and yet we find oursel...

Game-Based Learning for 2020: Video Game Curriculum

Game-based learning has been showing up in more and more classrooms across the globe in relation to video games. This may seem unorthodox at first, but it’s obv...

What Does ‘Healthy’ Sound Like To You?

For anyone who has a sensitive or trained ear, the average hospital is a cacophony of sounds. None of which seem all that focused on making anyone more healthy....
The Singularity

Has The Singularity Already Happened?

The Singularity is described as the moment technology’s growth becomes uncontrollable. Now, this may seem like a high-brow concept, but at its core, it is simpl...
Mental Health and Gaming

Ninja Theory is Mastering Mental Health with Gaming

Game developers Ninja Theory have announced a serious breakthrough in mental health. That’s right, game developers are working on mental health. If this is the ...

One Giant Leap for Astronaut-kind…

There have been a lot of benchmark achievements in the realm of space travel. We’ve come from a species who looked up at the stars at night and wondered, to lan...
remote play

Remote Play for PS4 Evolves on Mobile

PS4 Remote Play Remote Play has been fairly untouched by the PS4 previously; being only available for select iOS devices and Sony Xperia smartphones. The Plays...

Emulators: A Beginner Gamer’s Guide

What are Emulators? Emulators are the bridges that cross platforms, but what are they? True to their name, emulators artificially copy the operating system of ...

Can We Hack Our Brain in Order to Get the Most out of Life?

Neuroplasticity and Neuro-habilitation Living in today’s fast-paced world is not challenge–free. As we struggle to keep up to date, it can seem overwhelming...

Boston Dynamics Showcases New Bipedal Robot Designed for Logistics

Boston Dynamics earned a reputation for designing very impressive but also slightly unsettling robots over the years. The company’s latest project is no differ...

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