Console Wars Black Friday

Which Console Won Black Friday(UK)?

Another Black Friday is behind us, so which family of consoles came out on top this time? Both the Xbox One and the PS4 are going into another year of holiday s...

Simulators are an Infinite Genre

Simulators of Life Are you alive right now? If not, simulators are ready to help you experience what you're missing. On the chance that you are good and well, ...

American Fugitive ‘State of Emergency’ DLC Now Available

Fire At Will The brand new American Fugitive DLC called ‘State of Emergency’ is out now, and the best part – it’s completely free! The DLC will include 10 new...

3D Animated ‘Lupin III: The First’ Gets Opening Sequence

The Upcoming 3D Animated Film 'Lupin III: The First' Reveals Opening Sequence Toho Company and Marza Animation have revealed the opening sequence for the upcom...

Hideo Kojima Hints At A Potential New Horror Game

Hideo Kojima has a godly status in the gaming industry. The veteran of intricate storytelling and puzzling narratives is currently enjoying the spotlight from h...

A New Entry In The Half-Life Series Announced

People rejoice, Valve has not yet died out, and Gabe Newell isn't just trolling us. A new entry in the Half-Life franchise has been long-awaited, and while it d...
Arrowverse Superman and Lois

“Superman and Lois” Brings Some Legacies to Arrowverse

Every new addition to CW’s Arrowverse adds more layers to the mythos. Fans are eagerly devouring each morsel of news, especially now with the recent announcemen...

ExileCon Set to Reveal Path of Exile 4.0 Details Next Week

Rejoice, Path of Exile fans! The highly-anticipated ExileCon is almost upon us and as the event swiftly approaches, details have emerged regarding the 4.0 updat...

X019: 50+ Games for Xbox Game Pass and More

At X019 it was already announced that over 50 games will be arriving on Xbox Game Pass and much more. Xbox's biggest event in London is currently taking place f...
Superman Game

WB Has Been Trying to Make a Superman Game for Years

Is a new Superman game on the horizon? According to several sources from across different media, WB studios are trying to make another Superman game. Well, that...

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