Deathtrap Dungeon: The Interactive Video Adventure

Deathtrap Dungeon Gamebooks. Does anybody still use those? I expect so because the Fighting Fantasy series is still going strong. Originally published in 1982 ...
game developers

Game Developers Band Together to Help Charities in Need

With a meteoric rise in recent years, the gaming industry has found itself making quite a lot of money. It’s basically impossible to track each of those revenue...

Undead Horde Releases on Xbox Play Anywhere

Microsoft’s new Play Anywhere titles are a great step towards a truly cross-platform world. One Xbox Play Anywhere game is bringing an army of zombies to the pl...

Darwin Project Is Set for Full Release on January 14th

Survive! Darwin Project Is Back for a Full Release Darwin Project is hoping to make a comeback in a blaze of glory with a full release next week on January 14t...

Obversion is the Upcoming Diversion for your Resolutions

What's an Obversion? An obversion is an overcomplicated way of saying that "All potatoes are not human" is the same as "No humans are potatoes." The phrase get...

Game-Based Learning for 2020: Video Game Curriculum

Game-based learning has been showing up in more and more classrooms across the globe in relation to video games. This may seem unorthodox at first, but it’s obv...

WWE2K20 Has… Issues After the New Year

There are, at this point, quite a few games that enjoy annual sequels, and eager fans awaiting their purchase. Most of these often simply mark the difference in...
Transformers the Terminator

Transformers Newest Crossover: The Terminator

Yes my heavy-metal fans from the ’80s, you read the title correctly. It seems we will be receiving a crossover for the ages next year with Transformers: The Ter...

Gothic Prototype to Determine Game’s Revival

The Good, the Bad, and the Gothic The 2001 RPG classic Gothic is looking to face what happens when a company can't churn out new content: get a remake. The dif...
dr stone

Round Two! New Season of ‘Dr. Stone’ Announced

Stone Wars Saga Will Continue With a Brand New Season of Dr Stone The final episode of the first season of Dr Stone was released on Friday. But not without an ...

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