The Importance of Clara Zetkin for International Women’s Day

In the olden days, people used to say we live in a man's world. However, this is seldom spoken today and even false. For without a woman's touch, man would have...

WGA Removes Video Game Writing Category

Is the WGA Wrong? The Writer's Guild of America has made an offical decision to remove the game writing category from their list of awards for 2020. While the ...

Welcome to the Instagram ‘Hashtag Library’

Given the serious obsession the general public has with social media, Instagram can become the primary method of wasting time that we do not necessarily have. ...

Harry Potter Books Set Ablaze by Polish Catholic Priests Who Condemn Magic

Update: SMS From Heaven removed the book burning pictures from its Facebook page. However, you can still take a look at one of them further down below. JK R...

Digital Publications May Soon be Exempt from VAT in the UK

Print books will probably never go out of style but it’s no secret that their digital counterparts are becoming an increasingly more appealing alternative for a...

Graphic Novel Sabrina Could Win Britain’s Most Important Literary Award

This year the Man Booker prize could be going to a graphic novel for the first time in history. The committee for the highly prestigious British literary awards...

Vatican Library Reacquires Stolen Letter Written by Christopher Columbus

The Vatican Library is home to many rare and important documents, some of which can only be found in a handful of other places. Among others, these writings inc...

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