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The SCP Universe Gets Hit With A New Lawsuit

I will note that, in the past, I never really stood up for a cause such as this one. Nor did I write a full article on the matter. However, this one is differen...

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is Making a Huge Comeback in 2019

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark is a series of horror stories written by Alvin Schwartz that brings back fond memories for a lot of people. And not so fond on...

Luna: New Moon by Ian McDonald Review – A Family Saga

2110. A world almost as imperfect as the present one, but a world that allows a possible escape to another. A world near and yet impossibly far where those who...

Stephen King’s Gwendy’s Button Box – What Would You Do If You Were in Her S...

If you had access to a magic box which would rid you of addiction, keep you safe and guarantee your good fortune, but in turn, you could wipe a country off the...

Stephen King’s Elevation More Than Mere Fiction?

Can't we all relate to Stephen King’s Elevation? Haven't we all been there? Engulfed in the petty problems that pester our daily thoughts. Have you ever lie...

Welcome to the Instagram ‘Hashtag Library’

Given the serious obsession the general public has with social media, Instagram can become the primary method of wasting time that we do not necessarily have. ...

Stephen King’s The Outsider – A Defiance of Your Outlook on the World

Is Your Hometown Safe From The Outsider? Flint City seems the safest place you’d know. It is small enough so that everyone knows everyone else. Sadly, this ...

Stephen King Sells Rights to Short Story for Just $1

Stephen King is the master of horror with a heart of gold. The renowned author recently gave the rights to one of his short stories for almost nothing. The stor...

Graphic Novel Sabrina Could Win Britain’s Most Important Literary Award

This year the Man Booker prize could be going to a graphic novel for the first time in history. The committee for the highly prestigious British literary awards...

Little Mothers Channels Several Themes We’ve Come to Expect From Step...

Starting around the year 2000, much of the ground that horror fiction had gained in the 20th century became lost to other genres, such as crime and thriller. M...

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