The History of Horror Video Games Final Part

Silent Hill 2's triumphant success started the so-called renaissance of horror-themed video games. While followers had to say goodbye to some really astonishing...
Superman Game

WB Has Been Trying to Make a Superman Game for Years

Is a new Superman game on the horizon? According to several sources from across different media, WB studios are trying to make another Superman game. Well, that...
honor system wow classic

The Honor System Comes to WoW Classic Next Week

Say goodbye to unrewarding PvP kills. The PvP Honor System will be implemented on November 12! Get ready to rack up those kills because things are heating up. A...

Microtransactions Good Business, or Slippery Slope?

With the wealth of games out there now offering microtransactions, it’s easy to accept the concept. Spending money on games is a part of playing games. After al...
Keanu Cyberpunk

Keanu Wanted to See More of Himself in Cyberpunk 2077

You aren’t the only one who’s happy when Keanu is on your screen. It seems like the Hollywood actor is enjoying his renaissance. Since the massive success of th...

CHORUS Crowdfunding Finally Completed!

CHORUS Lives CHORUS, the first-ever musical adventure game, has finally met its crowdfunding goal late last night. Summerfall Studios asked for a mere $600,000...

Blacksad Released Early Due to “Technical Malfunction”

Blacksad: Under the Skin just released, but didn't get a purrr-fect start due to a technical malfunction. After 2 years of development and delays, Blacksad: Un...

EA Confirms “Exciting Remasters of Fan Favourites”

EA's recent financial results have given players better insight into the future of the company and some potential remasters of fan favourite titles. The next fi...
horror games

The History of Horror Video Games Part 2

The '80s planted the tree that would bear the fruit of success to come, but it wouldn't happen overnight. Both the movie and gaming media subsequently evolved o...
diablo 4

Our Thoughts on The Reveal of Diablo 4

Does anybody remember BlizzCon from last year? Yes, the memorable scene during the Diablo Immortal announcement gave us some hilarious memes. The quotes "Do you...

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