The Science Behind Mass Effect: Building The Mechs

Mass Effect 2. One of my favourite games, growing up, (and like, 20 minutes ago). In which the now legendary Commander Shepard dies, gets rebuilt, and then goes...

Of Loot Boxes and Children – Game Companies Doubling Down on an Incre...

'A r̶o̶s̶e̶ loot box by any other name would smell as sweet' Whether you call them prize crates, battle packs, or even surprise mechanics, the meteoric rise of...

Cool Hobbies And Skills To Learn From Home

We will be home for quite a while. Staying at home not only affects productivity but also gets boring. So here are a few relatively different hobbies and skills...

Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr Expansion Quick Overview

In celebration of the franchise's 25th anniversary, Elder Scrolls Online went free-to-play for a week. Everything in the base game was made available, as well a...

The Wandering Village – An Innovative New City Builder

The Wandering Village is an upcoming city-building simulation game, coming to Early Access in 2021. Stray Fawn Studio is the successful developer of two differe...

Canon Novels Every Star Wars Fan Will Enjoy

If you’re like me and were disappointed with The Rise of Skywalker and the sequel trilogy in general, I have good news for you. The Star Wars universe is ever-e...
Top 10 video game Characters We Would Romance

Top 10 Video Game Characters We’d Totally Date

It's Valentine's Day, so let me just grab my vomit bucket for a moment. Sorry about that, but I never quite saw the appeal of this day. If you like somebody, yo...

Horror Movies Too Scary to Watch Part 2

We are another day closer to Halloween and another list closer to the end of this series. These horror movies take things a little farther and push a few more b...

The Defining Moments of the 8th Console Generation: PART 1

The PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U and Switch make up the 8th console generation. A generation that involved ups, downs, shifts, trends, fun, and controversy. ...

Text-based Adventure Games Deserve a Revival

Text-based Adventure: A Cult Classic Adventure games were the beginning of video games. Sadly, the public abandoned them for fancier graphics. This focus on th...

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