The Singularity

Has The Singularity Already Happened?

The Singularity is described as the moment technology’s growth becomes uncontrollable. Now, this may seem like a high-brow concept, but at its core, it is simpl...

Can Gamers Be Categorized?

Earlier this year, games/esports analytics firm New Zoo released a report about gamers. For most of us, this report went unnoticed. There is, most likely, a maj...
path of exile 2

Path of Exile 2 – What We Know so Far

Announced at the recent ExileCon in Auckland, Path of Exile 2 promises to be a more improved version of its predecessor. The original is no slouch, being praise...
video game movies

Upcoming Video Game Movies of 2020 and Beyond

Video game movies haven't had an easy time, and by that, I mean they all pretty much suck. The current highest-grossing film based on a popular gaming franchise...

Marvel Zombies VS. DCeased: Undead Clash of Titans

Zombies Everywhere! There’s hardly a corner of our modern society we haven’t put a coat of zombie paint on yet. It seems that the undead have seeped into our c...
the sandman

The Sandman is Coming to Netflix With Neil Gaiman

Every comic fan has a different opinion on what comic book is the best. Out of an industry that’s been going for the better part of a century, there’s a lot to ...

The Real Price of Gaming in 2019

It has been a long time since gaming has evolved from a casual hobby to a global entertainment industry. Even back in the good old days, video games had their r...

Accessibility Features Sorely Lacking in Video Games

Disability Limitations I'm disabled. What's wrong with me? Glad you asked. See, I'm paralyzed from the neck down. I play video games with my mouth, and quite w...

The History of Horror Video Games Final Part

Silent Hill 2's triumphant success started the so-called renaissance of horror-themed video games. While followers had to say goodbye to some really astonishing...
it chapter two

Is IT the Primordial Lower Force in All of Us?

IT Chapter Two - Cycles The latter of the two-part feature film adaptation was released in cinemas on September 6th, 2019, almost exactly two years after the r...

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