Logic ‘No Pressure’ Final Album – Our Thoughts

Love or hate Logic, his contributions to Hip-Hop are undeniable. His recent work wasn't too well received but his finale, 'No Pressure', posing as a sequel to '...

Cool Hobbies And Skills To Learn From Home

We will be home for quite a while. Staying at home not only affects productivity but also gets boring. So here are a few relatively different hobbies and skills...

Music in Movies vs Music in Video Games

Music is important and flexible. It perfectly blends with other art forms to bring out the emotions held within the code or script. Thus, music in movies is not...
Tatsuro Yamashita king of city pop

Tatsuro Yamashita aka The King of City Pop

February is officially behind us and incomes March, knocking ever so joyfully. You might wonder why I'm in such a good mood at the start of this article, and yo...

An Overview of Modern Day Music Production

A look at modern day music production and how you can get started. Music is a universal language. Add to it the technology of today and you could have your own ...

Rage Against the Machine Rides Again in 2020

That’s right, the Rap-Metal band with serious political opinions is reuniting for a worldwide tour in 2020. Fans of Rap/Metal/Rock and a few others in the 90’s/...
Neil Peart

A Tribute To Neil Peart of Rush, A Drummer Icon

Drummers, much like bassists, were always in the shadow of a band's frontman or guitarist. However, there comes a time when these figures step out into the ligh...
Lynyrd Skynyrd

‘I’ll Never Forget You’ – A Fitting Lynyrd Skynyrd ...

Anyone familiar with the American southern rock group Lynyrd Skynyrd knows about the tragic plane crash. It was a tragedy that took most of the band from us and...
band name

You Named Your Band WHAT…?! – 15 Strange Band Name Origin Stori...

Over the years, there have been thousands upon thousands of bands in every genre. Some have proven they were here to stay, while others floated off into memory....
Metal Gods

Why Metal Music Isn’t Dead, Contrary to What Some Might Say

Out of all the musical genres available to the general public, lots of them have obsessive fans. Not many of them, though, can top the level of fixation shared ...

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