Transformers the Terminator

Transformers Newest Crossover: The Terminator

Yes my heavy-metal fans from the ’80s, you read the title correctly. It seems we will be receiving a crossover for the ages next year with Transformers: The Ter...

Marvel Zombies VS. DCeased: Undead Clash of Titans

Zombies Everywhere! There’s hardly a corner of our modern society we haven’t put a coat of zombie paint on yet. It seems that the undead have seeped into our c...
the sandman

The Sandman is Coming to Netflix With Neil Gaiman

Every comic fan has a different opinion on what comic book is the best. Out of an industry that’s been going for the better part of a century, there’s a lot to ...
Marvel Says Goodbye Stan Lee

The Year without a Stan Lee

The Anniversary of the End of a Legend As of November 12, Stan “The Man” Lee will have passed exactly one year ago. Born to the world as Stanley Martin Lieber,...

The Maxx, An Underrated Comic Book Classic

The '90s saw a drastic change in the comic book industry. Gone were the days of campy superheroes and damsels in distress, and instead a new darker tone was int...

7 of Gotham City’s Most Wanted Villains

There are a slew of bad people in the fictional city of Gotham, from thugs and enforcers to the supervillains themselves. But one thing is so debatable that it ...
superman garbage superhero

6 Reasons Why Superman is a Garbage Superhero (and 5 Reasons He’s Inc...

There is a MASSIVE amount of superheroes available for the general public to read, watch, and post about in the world. From tiny independent comic labels to the...

Interview with U Cre-8 Comics Creator Victor Dandridge Jr.

Vantage: Inhouse Productions is helmed by the Hardest Working Man in Comics, Victor Dandridge Jr.. The author is known for his well-crafted stories such as The ...

The New Black Panther Spin-Off Comics are All About Shuri

Black Panther was a surprisingly good entry into the MCU that properly introduced viewers to the nation of Wakanda. A country is nothing without its people, how...

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