Top Costume Dramas To Stream Right Now

Saying that 2020 was a stressful year must be the understatement of the century. Many sought some relief in streamed entertainment. If you need things to watch ...

Sweet Home: From Webtoon to Thrilling Netflix Series!

Who doesn't love a post-apocalyptic story? It seems like in this day and age the world has a fascination with the end. In fact, we're even living in our own end...

Helluva Boss Episode 2 Review and Impressions

So another episode of Helluva Boss decided to come around again, and I had apprehensions, probably because they hadn’t exactly nailed what they had set out to d...

Soul: An Amazing Film Shackled Down By Its Other Half

Disney Pixar’s “Soul” recently dropped on Disney + on Christmas and thematically it’s one of the best Pixar has released. With unique character designs, gorgeou...

2020 Was A Very Uncreative Year

I think this has been done to death on every other website, but this year has been about as fun as you’d expect. Winnie the Pooh causes deaths on the level of 9...

Hilda Gets a Beautiful, Darker, Second Season

The second season of "Hilda" dropped last Friday and it is a brilliant continuation of where the first season left off. Of course, now we’re all left wondering ...

Ways To Store and Protect Your Old Film Reels

If you’re a film history nerd, you’re probably looking for every chance you can to get your hands on some old film reels. Before you start looking for old 8mm r...
New Star Wars Shows

Is Star Wars Planning to Ditch the Cinema for Streaming?

A few days ago, Lucasfilm announced a slate of new projects under production. Disney is really doubling down on the Star Wars Galaxy by expanding the world as m...

Five Horror Themed Podcasts For The Avid Listener

Horror comes in many different mediums. There are videogames, books, and movies of all sorts to keep us entertained. Did you know there are also plenty of horro...

Are the Resident Evil Movies as Bad as We Remember?

Film adaptations of popular videogames never really pan out too well. Unless of course, you are Sonic the Hedgehog. We've seen this happen time and time again w...

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