Sydney Richardson


I like scary movies and have many thoughts on things I cannot change. The website link above my name and below this text will, unfortunately, bring you to more of my thoughts on things.


Little Monsters (2019) is a Fun Waste of an Hour

Another zombie movie. Saying this as someone who's iTunes library contains a whopping twenty movies centering on zombies, even I'm like 'are we done here yet?'. But I took one look at Lupita Nyong'o i...

Don’t Sleep on YA Horror: A Review of Peadar O’Guilin’s The Call

I don’t know why, but those two simple letters, YA, turn me off. As soon as I considered myself out of the ‘young adult’ section, I went from Goosebumps to McCammon. No, this is not a flex; I was way...

Nightflyers: George R.R. Martin’s Humble Beginnings in Sci-Fi

A spaceship is a 22nd century equal to an empty hotel in the dead of winter. Consider the implications of being on a spaceship. There are only a few measly sheets of metal protecting you from the cold...