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Top 5 Upcoming Next-Gen Games (PS5 and Xbox Series X)

As the holidays come closer and closer, we are reaching the most anticipated time of 2020. For hardcore gamers and casual players alike, the new Sony and Microsoft consoles will battle it out for your...

A Look Into Phasmophobia – A Creepy Steam Hit

As a person who dislikes the horror videogame and movie genre, I can say this was a challenging piece to write. With that being said, Phasmophobia isn’t a new Amnesia or Silent Hills, that make you ha...

The Rise of Among Us – A Videogame Phenomenon

The body is found and you hear a loud buzz. “It's Blue! I saw him leave weapons, where the body was!” says Red convincingly. “How can it be me? I was in navigation with Purple, doing tasks, he can vou...