Jade Stone


Writing is my newly discovered passion. I am passionate about psychology, and non-fiction while being a literature and cinema aficionada with a sweet spot for Stephen King. I am fascinated about the intricacies of the human mind and cannot get enough of studying it.


Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over Our Jobs?

“Will Artificial Intelligence take over our jobs?” is one of the most recurring Google searches. It unveils that this has been an anguish that has tormented the human mind for decades, since the adve...

Luke Perry’s Death is an Incredibly Sad Piece of News

Luke Perry Dead at 52 After Suffering Massive Stroke The news screamed in big letters and I could not believe my eyes. I actually spent half an hour crouched on the couch, with large tears welling...

Stephen King’s Elevation More Than Mere Fiction?

Can't we all relate to Stephen King’s Elevation? Haven't we all been there? Engulfed in the petty problems that pester our daily thoughts. Have you ever lied awake, consumed by other people’s thou...