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Wordomancy is the most effective form of literary resurrection, and I use this to blabber proverbial nonsense about games, books and other fictional lands to which I may or may not have visited yet. Word vomit is key, but really, I'm just a writer in her mid-twenties who is submerged in nerd-culture.


E3 2019 – 5 Highly Anticipated Titles We Want to See on Stage

With E3 2019 approaching fast, casual and hardcore gamers alike are awaiting with dire thirst and hunger for the confirmations and drops we are expecting to see at this years' convention. Here’s the l...

The Evolution of Jaime Lannister: Man Without Honour

It seems that all the world can talk about right now is the demise of Game of Thrones. How the final season “needs to be rewritten”. One of the planet’s most popular TV shows has unsuccessfully gone ...

Welcome to the Instagram ‘Hashtag Library’

Given the serious obsession the general public has with social media, Instagram can become the primary method of wasting time that we do not necessarily have. Whether it be searching useless and endl...