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What Makes Baldur’s Gate 2 A Masterpiece

While Baldur’s Gate 3 is still in Early Access I wanted to review its revered predecessor. I will summarise what exactly makes Baldur’s Gate 2 an absolute masterpiece. Choices Matter In Baldur’s Gat...

Enter the Gungeon and Dungeon of the Endless – Games I’ve Been Playing

“Elevators are boring”. In recent times I’ve been playing and loving two majestically gorgeous games. One is a turn-based roguelike which takes place on a prison spaceship. A prison spaceship that has...

Four Celebrities Who Should Appear in a Major RPG Game

Why do celebrities rarely appear in video games? Actors, singers and personalities don’t frequently cross over into the world of gaming even when there is so much opportunity to do so. But things are ...

Why There Should Have Been a Pirate Party Member in Baldur’s Gate 2

In the Baldur's Gate games there are numerous companions, yet we never saw a pirate party member appear in the series. I will be making a case for why there should have been a pirate party member in B...