Ahi McIntosh


My name is Ahi and I'm a fan of most things Nintendo. I'm good at Mario Party DS and slightly less good at Writing.


The Original Fire Emblem Localized After 30 Years

After 30 years of being a Japan-exclusive release, Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light is finally being localized. Nintendo just recently announced that a newly translated English vers...

Super Mario 64 From the Eyes of a Newcomer

Super Mario 64's Legacy Super Mario 64. Perhaps one of the most beloved and influential games of all time. It immediately captured the hearts of millions upon its initial release in 1996, and would e...

Kirby Fighters 2 Shadow Dropped on Nintendo Switch

Just when we thought September couldn't get any more hectic for gaming news and announcements, leave it to Nintendo to do the unexpected with a shadow drop of Kirby Fighters 2. While not a total surpr...