Console Wars Black Friday

Another Black Friday is behind us, so which family of consoles came out on top this time? Both the Xbox One and the PS4 are going into another year of holiday sales. But this year they were competing with the brand new Nintendo Switch. Going into the biggest day of holiday shopping, these three platforms went head-to-head for sales revenue. All while everyone was either sparring with other shoppers for deals or sleeping off the turkey.

This is by no means a new thing, as these three companies have had this healthy competition for decades. While the Xbox family had more console packages available, Nintendo had a newer console. Not to mention PS4 offering free online gaming. The competition was fierce from the moment stores opened their doors to shoppers. 

A Close Race, Maybe Even a Photo-Finish

One console to rule them all…

In fact, in the end, it came down to a virtual tie, with one console winning by “a handful of sales”. So the question on everyone’s mind was which console managed to sell the best? But the answer itself isn’t all that simple. PS4 came in third place, selling around 60,000 consoles in the last week. Most probably due to their lack of comparable deals or simply to the high price point. 

But as for who comes in first, that’s really a matter of opinion.

The Console War Rages On…

In the matter of ‘the bottom line’, it was Nintendo that won out. They actually made the most money out of the three companies involved. But that was due only to the higher pricepoint of their console. The Switch is a much newer console and is thus, more expensive than the Xbox One, which was released in 2013. But having the most amount of bundles and consoles available proved an effective strategy for Microsoft this holiday season. The Xbox family of consoles outdid the Switch in units sold. 

This doesn’t mean that things are looking up for all of Xbox’s stats this year. Xbox One console sales are down 35% from last year at this time. With PS4 sales dropping 45% year-to-date. Both of these sale drops are to be expected, to a degree. The consoles themselves are still current generation but are showing signs of age. One thing is for sure, it’s impressive these consoles are still competing with newer tech. It paints an optimistic picture of the consoles yet to come from these three tech giants.


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