Five Below Esports

Massively successful Philadelphia-based retailers Five Below announced a new attraction coming to their stores. Starting in 2020, they will be hosting esports events and even renting out gaming PCs to play in-store. Teaming up with Nerd Street Gamers, developers of training and competitions for esports, was an easy choice. If the concept is popular, it will spread to their other locations as well. At present, it seems like there will be about 100 stores trying out the concept. Once the teen/tween gamers that Five Below targets get in there, we might see these centers in every location. 

The Future of Retailers…?

The CEO of Five Below said that this was one way they were trying to distinguish themselves from online stores. As this is becoming more and more of an issue for other retailers, this could become a trend. Five Below has started to take a stance on making the inside of their stores a fun experience. This is one way to combat the competition that comes from online shopping. This way, customers will come for the gaming and stay for the shopping. Or at least, that’s what this major retailer is hoping. 

What Will Esports at Five Below Look Like?

Chief executive for Nerd Street Gamers says that the gaming centers will have the same hours as the retail store. The goal is to make the stores centers for gaming competitions and practice. Not only that, Five Below will be selling merchandise the entire time. Nerd Street Gamers mentioned that tournaments or leagues would cost $35-100. Many people might remember the pop-up internet cafes of the last couple of decades that are no longer there. This is Five Below attempting to regain that market with younger kids. This way, the customers they already have will have even more reason to stay and spend money. It seems like everyone is trying to cash in on esports. Hopefully, this leads to a market filled with options for gamers and spectators alike.

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