Being a free-to-play game, Apex Legends has its fair share of loot boxes, skins, and other micro-transactional items that allow Respawn to make a profit off the game. Some of these items cost quite a bit and you can use an Apex Account Calculator to find out how much your skins are worth. As you might imagine, not all skins are worth the money. In fact, some of them are downright boring and you should probably steer clear of them as a result. To that end, in this article we’ll be taking a look at the Wingman skins you should avoid buying. Hopefully, this can help you save some time and money in the process.


As if you didn’t expect this one to pop up on this list, the Rainforest skin for the Wingman absolutely sucks balls! You can’t even see the color of the so-called “rainforest” on any part of the gun; it’s barely visible! And the Apex Legends economy isn’t helping either. With a skin costing almost as much as $18 a piece, why would you pay that kind of money for something you won’t even see while you use the gun? Save your money and just buy a couple of games from a Steam sale instead!

New Moon

Compared to the Rainforest skin, the New Moon has a bit more to offer—protruding lines. That’s all. What’s sad is that this skin is considered a rare one! Common skins such as the Yellowjacket, Bengal, and Sunfire can do so much better than this, and that’s not a compliment either seeing as these skins are just really, really plain. It’s like someone sloppily slapped their spare stickers on the ends of it to somewhat make the gun look “cooler”. If you value your hard-earned money, avoid this one!


Midnight is like the uglier brother of Rainforest. You are so much better off without a skin on your Wingman than getting this as it makes the gun look even duller. The skin simply makes the weapon darker than normal and is ultimately a waste. While this skin is part of the common tier ones, it still isn’t an excuse for Respawn to get players to spend over ten bucks for something as boring and as nonsensical as this. The only somewhat redeeming quality about this skin is that, compared to the Rainforest, it at least makes a difference in the looks department. Just not a good difference, though.


Skyrise is part of the rare tier of skins available for the Wingman. It basically looks like an Evergreen skin with barely visible clouds on it. Out of all the rare skins available, this is one of the more minimalistic ones that are overpriced. There are 15 rare skins available for the Wingman right now; we suggest you pick another alternative out of those options. There are much better ones that are actually worth your money like Derez, Triumphant Arch, and Cloudburst.

Thermal Rise

The most unexpected skin on this list is perhaps the Thermal Rise. The skin looks awesome and is often used by popular FPS streamers such as Shroud and Dizzy, but looks can be deceiving. Compared to its counterpart, Dead Heat, there is a glaring flaw to this skin that makes it almost unusable. When shooting with the ironsight attached, the glowing heat sync on the skin makes it impossible to gun down enemies because it blocks your vision. Until the folks over at Respawn fix this, it’s better to stay away from it as it could leave you at a serious disadvantage. If you want to survive, just get Dead Heat instead.

And there you have it! Hopefully, we’ve saved you from wasting your precious Apex Coins. These skins are as boring as the character skins, so it’s better to get a skin that’s legendary or better. If you have an Apex Legends account with lots of legendary weapon and character skins, check out an Apex Account Calculator to know how much your account is worth.

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