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Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over Our Jobs?

“Will Artificial Intelligence take over our jobs?” is one of the most recurring Google searches. It unveils that this has been an anguish that has tormented th...

Many So-Called AI Startups Across Europe Don’t Actually Use Artificial Inte...

As artificial intelligence keeps getting better, more and more startup companies are now trying to incorporate this exciting technology in order to increase ef...

China’s AI News Anchors are Both Impressive and Unsettling

Chinese news agency Xinhua recently added two new staff members that are a little bit different than your regular news anchors. They may look fairly normal at f...

Musk’s OpenAI Five Almost Ready to Take on Professional Dota 2 Players

Artificial intelligence is already able to beat human players at all but the most difficult competitive games. StarCraft 2 is a notable exception, albeit probab...

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