Jason Moth

Co-Founder, Chief Editor

I'm a classic jack-of-all-trades author who loves to write about most topics, though gaming has always been my strong suit. That said, I definitely won't turn down the chance to cover some juicy news involving superhero movies, Stephen King novels or space travel. Or robots. Or space-traveling superhero robots that look like Stephen King.


Boston Dynamics Showcases New Bipedal Robot Designed for Logistics

Boston Dynamics earned a reputation for designing very impressive but also slightly unsettling robots over the years. The company’s latest project is no different. Aptly dubbed “Handle”, the new robo...

Apex Legends Octane Quick Guide and Abilities Overview

Apex Legends Season 1 brought to the table a brand new character known as Octane. Described in-game as a “High-Speed Daredevil,” Octane looks like a mix between Overwatch’s Junkrat and a Psycho from ...

Grab The Division 2 and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice on PC for Cheap

You’re always likely to find good PC deals floating around if you know where to look. Steam is often a good place to start but Valve’s marketplace usually doesn’t offer particularly good discounts on...

Quantum Break PC Review – Timey Wimey Wibbly Wobbly Fun

Not a whole lot of video games are centered around time manipulation and even fewer let you control it in such a spectacular fashion as Quantum Break does. We do have a few good examples like Timeshi...